The Promise of Forever

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2020 Translated by Vj Sammy

This is the story of Lorenzo Espinosa (Paolo Avelino), a man who has a unique condition. Lorenzo was born in 1865 from very poor beginnings. With the help of kind friars, Lorenzo was able to finish school and become a doctor. Unfortunately, he also fell in love with an illustrado, Elizabeth. But their love was true and they fought for their love despite the differences in their social classes. Lorenzo then went to Spain with his cousin and fellow doctor, Frederic, for a higher medical study. While helping care for the people in a small village, Lorenzo was also infected with the terminal disease that plagued the village. Lorenzo won’t accept death. He longed to go back to his country and to his love, Elizabeth. So being a scientist, he experimented on a cure with him as the test subject. But nothing seemed to work. While Lorenzo was in the middle of his fervent plea to God to save him, lightning struck him. Lorenzo died for a few seconds then miraculously, he lived again. Lorenzo didn’t know if it was his experiments, the lightning or a miracle of God that brought him back to life.

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    Must Watch .